Earn While You Learn

What is Earn While You Learn?

In June of 2015, we started a new program called Earn While You Learn.  The base of this program is parent education and material support.    Through Earn While You Learn, you can complete lessons on topics that are important to YOU!  The lessons are accompanied by homework and both are rewarded with Boutique Bucks.

Topics include: prenatal development; getting ready for childbirth; how marriage protects women and children; the female reproductive system; parenting; breastfeeding; first year milestones for your child; common childhood illnesses and emergencies; car seat safety; potty training and more!  We want to keep adding topics too!

What are Boutique Bucks?

Boutique Bucks are our in-house “currency” that can be used to purchase items from the Blessings Boutique Store that we have on site.  (Sorry, we don’t accept real money.) The store contains maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby items, and a wide variety of other things useful for a new baby. We also have some non-baby items to appeal to those who are not currently pregnant or men such as gift cards of food and gas.  We get new things in every week too!

Plus, we have a Blessings Boutique SALE the first 7 days of every month!!!  Find us on Facebook and “like” us to stay on top of what’s going on at Next Step every month, including reminders about our sales!

How else can I earn Boutique Bucks?

We want to encourage education outside of the Next Step office.  If you take a parenting class in the community OR go through the childbirth education classes at the hospital, then you just earned TWO Boutique Bucks per class!  Bring in some proof that you went (like your class notes) next time you come to visit and get your Boutique Bucks! Also, bring the father of the baby along to watch your lessons and earn double bucks! Yes, Father of the baby can add his bucks to the mom’s bucks to purchase items for their baby together! (Sorry, friends can’t add bucks together, just parenting partners.)

Is anything free?

We are happy to provide one FREE Baby Bundle for each child.  (Free in this sense means you don’t purchase it with Boutique Bucks.)  You may pick out a Baby Bundle starting when you are in your 7th month of pregnancy up until a few weeks after you give birth.  The Baby Bundles are most helpful to you during this time frame.  If Mom or Dad is unable to collect the Baby Bundle, friends and family can pick them up, or we can deliver!